Who doesn’t want to see young lives transformed for the better?

Reach Every Generation exists to shape a better future for tomorrow’s generation, winning back those caught up in gang culture. To do this, we equip you, the people on the frontline working with young people and their families on a daily basis, encouraging you and empowering you to transform lives.

Our vision is to instigate change, drawing on ‘real-life’ experiences that we impart to others. From us, you can expect up to date knowledge on the issues affecting young people involved in gangs, and access to valuable resources that we know will make a difference to those lives you touch.


How do we do this?

Bespoke training sessions for your organisation are the key to affecting change. A former gang member himself, the man behind Reach Every Generation knows first-hand just how young people get caught up in gang culture and understands why ‘hard to reach young people’ are labelled ‘hard to reach.’

His experiences bring reality to the educational training provided by Reach Every Generation and, with the help of other former gang members, you can expect hard-hitting, inspirational training sessions and mentoring that will develop professionals to reach wider and win back more ‘hard to reach’ young people.

“It’s only as we develop others that we permanently succeed”

Harvey S. Firestone


Work with young people on a daily basis? Want to be equipped to engage young gang members or those associated with gangs? You can expect bespoke training with emphasis given to how you can better reach out to young people to intervene in, or prevent, gang involvement. Face the frontline equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to break down barriers to communication.

Want to understand gang activity in your location and the people behind it? You can benefit from a better understanding of crime and gang related activity in your location. This one day training course covers the ‘need to know’ information relating to gang culture. You will hear real stories of former gang members now reformed.

This bespoke training session provides mentoring tools, link work session exercises and top tips for engaging ‘hard to reach’ young people in a fresh way. This is a serious session that will involve practical elements to reinforce the skills learned on the day. For a session that increases self-confidence, this is the one for you…

Working with young people for a local authority? That means if you’re involved with a YOT, Children’s Society, Social Services, Anti-Social Behaviour Team, Housing Team or a similar organisation, you can benefit from a bespoke gang awareness training session that’s engaging, empowering and inspiring.

You can expect to get an insight into the gang culture in your local area and receive training on how to tackle the issue. Benefit from mentoring tools, link work session exercises and best practices for engaging ‘hard to reach’ young people in a fresh way that you can take to the frontline.

This is a ‘hands on’ session that will challenge you to put into practice the skills you have learned on the day, giving you the confidence to approach your role in a new and purposeful way.

As a teacher or education facilitator, you’re already inspiring generations of young people and establishing key connections. You, more than anyone, can reach those that are ‘hard to reach’. This bespoke training session will help you do just that. You can expect to be challenged and empowered.

Learn to understand gang culture and the significance of crime rates in your area and the warning signs of those who are members of, or associated with, a gang.

Receive essential resources, gather useful knowledge and practical tips to reach young people from dysfunctional backgrounds who are most at risk of gang participation. This is a ‘hands on’ session that will challenge you to put into practice the skills you have learned on the day and get equipped to approach the classroom in a new way.


Want to prevent your children getting mixed up in gangs? This bespoke session is specifically designed to educate parents/carers on gangs and gang culture. Learn the warning signs of potential gang involvement or association and how to act. For many parents, the idea of a child getting caught up in a gang is a nightmare scenario.

This session will cover the increasing role of social media for gang ‘recruitment’ and the behavioural patterns to watch out for. There will be frank and honest discussions about the root reasons behind why children and teenagers get involved in gangs.

Parents/carers will learn about local crime rates and gangs, and can be confident they will be fully ‘clued up’ about the gang environment in their area and what they can do to keep their children out of their clutches.

Want to tackle growing gang numbers at the source? This session takes the dangers of gang culture right to the heart of where it begins – young people. We urge you to invite us to do a session if you’re a school, youth group or an organisation that works with young people on a daily basis.

Why? Because the best cure for rising gang numbers is prevention and that starts with changing the perception that gang culture is cool. Gangs purposely target young, impressionable people, so stop it before it starts. This session allows you to assemble 10-20 young people for a workshop style dialogue.

This format has proven popular across schools and youth events where young people are given a platform to share while receiving real life accounts from people caught up in gang culture. This session will educate and enlighten young people on the realities of gang life and emphasise the importance of good choices.

Know young people who would benefit from some nurturing? This session is aimed at young men and women deemed to be under achieving, lacking motivation, having low self-esteem, being affiliated with a gang, at risk of crime or from a disadvantaged background. What they need is guidance. Reach Every Generation was set up for this very purpose.

Taking young people under our wing is our forte, instilling a sense of purpose and belief in themselves and life in general, reminding them that they are valuable and that bad choices don’t have to define them, there’s always a way back.

These sessions operate on a one-to-one basis, tailored to suit each individual’s needs, no timescale, no pressure, just solid guidance and nurturing for those who perhaps lacked a father figure in their life.

Please get in touch to enquire about bespoke training sessions.


Gavin McKenna


Introducing Gavin McKenna, the pioneer behind Reach Every Generation. Gavin has journeyed from gang membership in London to born again Christian, using his past life experiences to set about influencing societal change. The truth of his life, combined with his development professionally, are what make Gavin a valuable asset to your organisation for educational training on gangs.

How it all began
Armed with first-hand experience of gang culture, Gavin led an outreach team for a gang initiative in London, led by Sheldon Thomas, which took to the streets to engage with local gang members.
This initiative was quickly thrust into the spotlight during the London riots in August 2011, with Gavin appearing on Sky News to do an interview highlighting the scheme’s good work.
The Sky News interview prompted a wave of publicity, with Gavin asked to

appear on BBC news, Al Jazeera, German news, French 24 and a BBC3 documentary with Reggie Yates.
Gavin was quickly establishing himself as a leading figure in combatting gang culture, which gave him the opportunity to accompany Sheldon Thomas to a Government meeting with UK Home Secretary, Theresa May and leading politician Iain Duncan Smith.
However, Gavin’s rise to prominence in the field of gang work wasn’t paved with gold. He’s lived the gang life. Get the full story by clicking the link below.

Like most stories associated with how young people get involved in gangs, Gavin’s childhood was troubled. Growing up with a violent father, he lived in refuges for much of his early life, only able to turn to his mother for support.

However, despite his traumatic experiences leading to life as a gang member where he sought identity, he takes full responsibility for his choices without assigning blame. He is thankful to his Mum and to God for a second chance in life, which demonstrates that behind his past troubles there is a human being.

Reformed character – the people who shaped Gavin McKenna

Breaking the stranglehold of gang culture, which had gripped Gavin firmly, Colm Witty, the director and founder of Air Football, became a key figure in Gavin’s life. At the age of 18, Colm took Gavin under his wing, giving him a place in his football organisation, mentoring and supporting him with his anger and lifestyle.

Eventually, Gavin was given a chance to become the captain of a team Colm had put together, giving Gavin a sense of identity, belonging and leadership.

Colm also gave Gavin the opportunity to share his story with other young people, which led to him working as a football coach for Air Football, coaching troubled children who struggled with schooling.

The impact of Colm, and his colleague Mog, on Gavin’s life quickly became tangible as they helped him to access services such as mental health support and housing, which led to Gavin securing his own flat, getting on a university course and landing a coaching job.

Professional development

In a professional capacity, Gavin has become a leading light in his field and has worked with Essex County Council serving in different roles, which have included:

  • Working in a children’s home as a residential worker and gang mentor.
  • Working in family solutions, a Tier 3 service for providing ‘Effective Support for Children and Families in Essex.’

In these roles, Gavin has liaised with many influential members in society including social workers and local authorities. His professionalism quickly led him to introduce his very own gang intervention programme, an initiative praised by Ofsted following an inspection.

Gavin has gone on to apply his past to the future, with a vision to reunite families affected by gang culture. Gavin’s specialist knowledge has seen him deliver expert, informative and inspirational training sessions to many professionals working with young people.

His positioning within a multi-service agency has given Gavin a valuable insight into how schools, social services, youth offending teams (YOT), the police, sexual health practitioners, mental health practictioners and housing services operate, all of which have direct contact with young people on a daily basis.

Gavin plays a key role in society and provides youth work professionals, local authorities and other key organisations with training that carries truth, reality and practicality that will challenge, empower and inspire.


See Reach Every Generation director, Gavin McKenna, talk about gang awareness in the news

Sky News interview – Gangs2016-02-04T14:23:50+00:00
Sky news interview UK Riots 20112016-02-04T14:18:40+00:00
BBC3 Teen Gang documentory2016-02-04T14:12:28+00:00
“I attended workshop that Gavin gave to myself and colleagues about gangs it was one of the best training session I have ever been on, I found the training to be very inspirational and has given me personally a lot of information and understanding of the gang culture.”
Simon Parmar (Residential Worker), Cambian Group
“Gavin’s training was very informative and real. It wasn’t just based on statistics; it felt like I was involved in his life. This gave me a real insight to how others are living these days, and how to spot signs and help those who are involved in this lifestyle.”
Kirsty Sime, Neighbourhood Nuisance Officer | Housing Services, Basildon Borough Council
“I had attended Gavin’s gang training & was extremely impressed with the training & the way it was presented by Gavin. I found it really interesting & was encouraging staff at the hostel to attend the course if there is another opportunity.”
Michelle King, Estate’s Manager, Family Mosaic

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