Service provided will be a bespoke awareness training on gang culture-full day, this will cover general issues and also specific issues posed in the geographical location of the training (as usual the data collected may not be 100% accurate). This training day would be delivered by the director of the company; they may be at times (dependent on availability) a young member who is currently being coached by Reach Every Generation, whom is now seeking a way out of gang life or on course to a better life not necessarily gang affiliated.

Lunch would be provided, if the training is to be held in a location provided by Reach Every Generation.

A consultation can be arranged and agreed by Reach Every Generation and a company should this be required, this would be based on a rebuffing process. In order for Reach Every Generation to come in and consult businesses and companies on how to work with gang affiliated young people.

School workshops can be provided, along with assemblies and teacher training also.

Each training session will be followed with a call or email in order to ensure the company are doing well.

Each service is based on an individual price which will be individually quoted by a member of the management team. Once an enquiry has been made a quote would be sent to the company/organisation based on what service is required. Once the company/ organisation confirm that they are happy with the quote, a confirmation form will be sent to the company/ organisation to sign and return to Reach Every Generation to secure the booking.  A detailed breakdown of the day, which includes topics covered and structure of the day would be provided also.

Our coaching project is available to young people whom are referred and accepted onto the programme. This will last from 6months to a year, however could continue until all parties involved agree.

As part of the project an interview practice will be provided and potential apprenticeships also. The coaching will be based around the young person specifically and endeavour to reach a positive outcome for the young person, whether that be a better view of themselves a job/apprenticeship or a better way of living generally. Based on the referral each young person would be assessed and interviewed for the coaching project by the director and management staff and if the young person fits criteria they will be accepted onto the programme. Each young person will be liable to sign a contract with Reach Every Generation.

Payment Terms

As of January 2016, please note our prices have change – this would only affect companies we have worked with previously. As stated all prices are based on an individual basis as we offer bespoke training/coaching based on a specific framework.

Payment for training is due strictly 28 days after the date of the invoice.

Payment and payment date would be agreed and signed before the training is delivered.

For the coaching project, on a contractual basis an agreement would be written up and agreed on how payment would be made and when.

Training times

The training is from 9:30am-4.30pm

Any queries or complaints can be sent to our email and we will aim to answer your query within 24 hours (please give time during busy periods).

A date would be agreed by both parties on when the training could be delivered and where.

The coaching project would be subject to location and number of young people on the project, we aim to coach young people between 6months to a year however this could be extended should all parties involved believe this is sufficient.

Payment terms continued

If payment is agreed and signed but is not fulfilled in due time, a reminder will be sent giving the party 3 days to make payment. If they still fail to make payment, legal action would be taken.

If Reach Every Generation fails to meet the agreed objectives, you can call or email us with your complaint and the problem will be taken into account and resolved appropriately.

Terms of the agreement and how to end the agreement

Once the confirmation form has been returned to Reach Every Generation, the party will have 14 days prior to the date of training in order to cancel a booking. If however it is not within the 14 days prior to the booking a minimum charge of £50 would be required, if any hotels or travel had been booked you may be required to reimburse that also.


Reach Every Generation has 14 days prior to the date of the booking in order to cancel any booking, should this be the case a priority booking will be provided as soon as possible.

If Reach Every Generation should find cause to disqualify a member of its coaching project due to seriously concerning behaviour their place would be instantly revoked and any other agencies involved would be made aware and given any information they require to support our decision.



If for some unforeseen reason Reach Every Generation does not deliver the training required on the date agreed without sufficient notice given, we would deliver the training on the best suitable time at a discounted cost.

We understand as a project that work with young people from different backgrounds some issues of bullying between members and rivalry between gangs could potentially arise, however we will have staff present at every session to ensure the safety and well-being of all members. If any violence occurred an internal investigation would be done and the appropriate measures would be taken, and in serious circumstances members could be disqualified from the project and asked to leave. Police action may be required should we feel this is appropriate.